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rian   please enjoy my baby and my dog 👶🐶

May 31, 2018

just a girl and her trash heap @keiyonce #mysteriouswetspot

May 29, 2018

look at this stuff, isn't it neat? wouldn't you think my brows are complete? @alohonora #sephora

May 26, 2018

nothing beats the prose of mr. silverstein to put a baby to sleep #bestaupair #marypoppinsyall

May 24, 2018

mmm new baby smell @nikalodeon @cooperman #evie #superbaby

May 22, 2018

dogspreading over his (temporary) new couch #ruprecht #happyboi #bestboi

May 20, 2018

cleaning your plate means leaving no smear of sauce unlicked #soproud #daddysgirl

May 13, 2018

happy mother's day to the woman who gave me something i didn't know i needed but can't imagine doing without @keiyonce #cheese

May 11, 2018

these last 24 hours have been super untoit but in the end we found salvation #ninenine

May 9, 2018

update: successfully bribed @thebeasknees #bigpapa #cheetopockets

May 8, 2018

one more handful of cheetos and it's beatrix who? @thebeasknees #bigpapa

May 5, 2018

crank up the wiggles and bust out the juice boxes this party's about to get turnt

May 2, 2018

close enough? close enough #toughmudder #training