name cameron levi sadowskidate of birth & agejuly 28, 1993 & 26hometown long island, nyccurrent residence nob hill, sfoccupation server, former child actorsexuality bisexualmarital status singlecomicverse human torchleo ♌️ estp 🤙 7w8 🏄 gryffindor 🦁

🔥 by the time cameron levi sadowski burst into the world—cut and scooped out into the world, rather, because he was huge and stuck and stubborn and maia sadowski would've probably eventually been torn in two if her labor had continued any longer—neither one of his parents expected to be 'blessed' with a second child. sarah was ten at the time and as far as children went, was as close to ideal any parent could reasonably ask for. Though maia and jonathan tried for years after her birth anyway, undeterred, wanting that nuclear family, somewhere around year six they'd thrown in the towel. cameron was an accident. cameron was conceived at a red hot chili peppers concert, midway through 'blood sugar sex magik.'

🔥 despite being 'unintended,' cameron was loved. cameron was celebrated. achievement unlocked: rockwellian family. his father, a reputable surgeon at mount sinai and his mother, a successful real estate agent, provided a more than adequate household and cameron wanted for nothing—except maybe a sibling that'd actually play with him. instead, sarah usually erred on the side of imitating her mother, chastising him for getting into trouble (frequently) and trying, sincerely, to get him to sit still (never.)

🔥 that happy family lasted about four more years before imploding spectacularly in the span of 3 months, because no comic book character can ever have a normal origin story. Maia was struck by a car running a red light and blessedly, died almost instantly. Jonathan’s departure was less kind, grief-stricken by the sudden loss of his wife and turning to alcohol and benzos to drown his sorrows before the combination ultimately killed him. Cameron was young enough to dodge most of the emotional aftermath of all that trauma, easily distracted by candy and new toys and the fresh glut of affection from his sister, overcompensating in her own grief and coping by clinging on to the only part of her family she had left.

🔥 as responsible as young sarah was, a forty-year-old woman in a fourteen-year-old girl’s body, legally, the sadowski siblings needed a guardian. Uncle bernie lived in newark, new jersey. Aunt elena lived in london. Aunt mira lived in los angeles. Given a choice, sarah opted for the closest relative occupying a state that didn’t totally smell, and mira opened her huge malibu home to them despite her busy work schedule as a paramount studio executive.

🔥 despite everything, both sarah and cameron flourished in la. Sarah got the best private schooling, endless funds to indulge every last intellectual curiosity and all the freedom she never got under the watchful eyes of her (nurturing but vigilant) parents. cameron charmed his aunt’s industry peers with his affable nature and picture-perfect smile and landed front and center in a juicy juice commercial.

🔥 one commercial paved the way to three, then a small downpour of extra and bit part roles in various soap operas and other tv shows, then through sheer luck (and probably some influence from his aunt), he landed his first big gig: as adam sandler’s ‘adopted’ kid in big daddy, spitting and spilling milk and peeing on things. he had the time of his life, and never wanted to stop acting. And he didn’t, for ten years. Growing up on film sets and sound stages and poised eagerly over craft food service tables.

🔥 as he got older, progressing from child star to teen star, cameron didn’t enjoy the work any less but he started noticing the scrutiny from the press taking an uncomfortable turn: suddenly there was less interest in his work, his roles, how cherubic his smile was or how endearing his child-like lisp and more in who he was dating, what he’d look like shirtless, the number of days left on his countdown to eighteen. Some of it was flattering, and he accepted requests from various teen mags to pose for those cheesy fold-out posters and indulged gossip columnists with coy smiles and jokes about the chemistry between him and his co-stars but it never seemed to be enough. When a rumor hit the gossip circuit about cameron and another (male) actor and his options for gigs started suspiciously drying up, he opted to give the entertainment industry up for good and washed his hands of los angeles entirely, moving to san francisco where his sister had settled after grad school.

🔥 living with his sister, being a normal sixteen-year-old, sharing sarah's attention with her husband and new baby and realizing nobody really cared who he was anymore: it was, surprisingly, a major struggle. But cameron made some friends, dated around, graduated from high school and entertained a few semesters of college before realizing he genuinely had no idea what he wanted to do beyond ‘evolve into brad pitt, win an oscar, date nicole kidman and/or keanu reeves’ and dropped out. He dabbled with varying interests after that, even pursued and landed an apprenticeship when he discovered a genuine love for cars—restoration, in particular—but found his attention span wandering, inevitably, after a few years and gave that up, too.

🔥 at twenty-six, he’s still rudderless. Still watches movies wistfully, still texts adam sandler, still gives him shit every time he makes a terrible film, still keeps in contact with that guy who was almost sort of worth giving up his dream job and still emails his old agent, sometimes, who forwards him casting calls that he considers, deeply, mostly when drunk.
johnny storm
The second most powerful member of the Fantastic Four and the younger brother of Sue Richards. Due to an accident caused by cosmic radiation in space, he can manipulate fire, turn his entire body into it and fly. While Johnny is known for his impetuous and sometimes reckless nature, he is also a loyal friend and fearless hero. [...]

powers & abilities
🔥 pyrogenesis
      • plasma form
      • pyrokinesis
      • nova flame
      • flight
🔥 thermokinesis
🔥 superhuman durability
🔥 fire & heat immunity

🔥 drives a modified 1970 chevrolet camaro, which he tirelessly and lovingly restored himself (and it's his pride and joy)

🔥 lives almost entirely off of his childhood earnings, though there's a trust fund set up by his parents he absolutely refuses to touch

🔥 hasn't met a horrifically patterned shirt he wouldn't buy 3 of


npc family
🔥 sarah randall • older sister
🔥 richard randall • brother-in-law
🔥 violet randall • niece
🔥 finn randall • nephew